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Fon's palace, Bafut

Bafut is situated about twenty kilometres northwest of Bamenda and covers an area of roughly 340 sq kms. The population of over 100,000 is settled in three main zones. At the centre are the people of Mumala'a (heart of the country) clustered around the Fon's palace ( Nto'o) who refer to themselves as the real Bafut ( Bufu). This name can be applied to the whole chiefdom. To the south is the Ntare (ridge area) and to the north the Mbunti (lower) which descends abruptly to the Metchum River valley. The Bafut language is classed within the Mbam-Nkam section of the central branch of the Niger-Congo family along with other nearby languages such as Bali Nyonga, Bamum and Pinyin


by Dr. Wilfred F. Ngwa